I HATE the sterilization of modern culture
I HATE the commodification of the most basic human behaviors
I HATE the pre-packaged experiences and lessons we are fed day in and day out
I HATE the endless spinning cycle of discourse and political slacktivism
I HATE the ever-narrowing range of experiences and expressions of experiences available to us, dictated by media corporations
I HATE the price tag on my attention
I HATE the culture we've made; forever searching for the next crumb of stimulation we can find, the desire for quick thrills always taking precedence over our well-being
I HATE the disgusting minimal and clean propaganda pressed into our eyes every moment of the day
I HATE the obsessive advertisements which plague so much of our experience using technology
I HATE the spies and the stalkers, watching everyone and everything
I HATE the hyper-sexualization the internet promotes and perpetuates
I HATE the companies which atomize us and promote ignorance to fuel debate to fuel interaction to fuel profit
I HATE the technology we've made which locks people out
I HATE the expectations we've made for technology which frown upon hacking and diy
I HATE the anxiety I feel when I use my computer
I HATE the stagnation of mainstream culture and the unification of culture internationally
I HATE the increasing link between culture and consumerism and brand loyalty
I HATE the people with the audacity to have so much when others have so little
I HATE the fear of missing out
I HATE the fact that I can no longer go an entire day without having to use a computer to accomplish my duties for school or work
I HATE the increasing reliance on computers for everyday tasks in face of decreased programmer productivity and software quality
I HATE the care-free approach we take to environmental disaster
I HATE the B+ attitude towards ethics (in the words of Eric Schwitzgebel)
I HATE the expectations regarding the presentation of gender and sexuality
I HATE the boring dystopia of the modern united states
I HATE the increasingly abstract concept of ownership and monetary value, which only serves to separate people
I HATE the people who don't try enough
I HATE the people who try too hard
I HATE hatred
I HATE love
I HATE hell
I HATE death